The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?


“There’s a lot to work on and it’s going to take some time – I don’t know how long, but hopefully I’ll get better soon.”

Loh Kean Yew upbeat after his first round defeat to Zhao Jun Peng.

“I’m completely fit physically but mentally, it’s going to take some time.”

Pusarla V. Sindhu, who lost to Zhang Yi Man, realistic about her journey back to the top from injury.

“I’ve been through a lot of hardship but I’m playing without any problems at the moment. Although I lost, I did all I could.”

Kento Momota following his opening round loss to Kunlavut Vitidsarn.

“It’s frustrating to keep losing to Chen Yu Fei, but I’ll learn from it. I feel like a lot of it is mental and tactical. Physically I feel healthy and a lot better than in many years.”

Michelle Li, whose defeat in the first round was her ninth straight to her Chinese opponent, vows to keep plugging away.

“I was always motivated to return, and thanks to Melati’s commitment, we want to reach a high level again.”

Praveen Jordan’s appetite for success hasn’t diminished.

“I didn’t think too much before the match, I just wanted to go all out. I just tried to calm down when he had those two match points. This is the biggest win of my career.”

Ng Tze Yong on his surprise second round victory over top seed Viktor Axelsen.

“(To attack) is normal for me. My style came as soon as I started playing. If I play singles, I always smash.”

Treesa Jolly on her offensive playing style.

“In every match, we all learn something from our opponent no matter their ranking. This is the beauty of badminton.”

Lee Zii Jia puts things into perspective after losing to Shi Yu Qi in the semis.

“The crowd, I feel like I’m at home. I feel like I’m in Indonesia!”

Mohammad Ahsan on how he and Hendra Setiawan prevailed in a marathon semifinal against Liang Wei Keng/Wang Chang.

“My father always taught me, you need to trust yourself.”

Tai Tzu Ying on what the snake tattoo on her wrist means.

“I was thinking at times I’ve never played a better player, he was so solid. Crazy high pace, and how I managed to come back is even crazier.”

Anders Antonsen heaps big praise on his last four opponent Li Shi Feng.

“This is one of the best wins of our career. It’s hard to pick one as the very best, but I’d say this is among the top five.”

Kim So Yeong after a thrilling semifinal win over Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan.

“I thought if I moved one step more than Tai, that could lead to a win. The biggest contributors to my win are my confidence and youth. I always believe it’s not over until it’s over.”

An Se Young after making the final.

“I’ve been very self-disciplined throughout the tournament, I’ve treated every game as if it was my first. Although I’ve got the All England, I’d like to aim from more titles.”

Men’s singles champion Li just getting started.

“In tough times, she always supports and helps me. At the last edition, I felt bad but she helped me get through it. We have a strong connection.”

Zheng Si Wei grateful to have Huang Ya Qiong as his partner.


“There have been many talented players before him. It’s his discipline that got him this far.”

Coach Aravindan Samiappan on World Junior Championships silver medallist Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian.

“My objective is to teach badminton to all 365,000 square kilometres of Guyana.”

Guyana Badminton Association President Emelia Ramdhani sharing her passion for the sport.

“I was so sorry for my young son I had to often leave the house. As my son grew up, I endured the hard time thinking he’d understand it later.”

Gil Young Ah remembers leaving a young Kim Won Ho at home to go for training. Story here.

“I almost am even harder on myself because I want so badly to play well for Marcus as well as for me.”

Lauren Smith on how her off-court romance has brought a deeper connection with Marcus Ellis.

“In sports, there are always ups and downs, such as injuries or trying hard and things don’t go as planned. Despite these, you always have a goal and that is the best incentive to keep fighting until you achieve it.”

Argentina’s junior star Iona Gualdi on how she faces difficult moments in her career.