The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?

“Train one hundred per cent all that physical, mental and strategic parts to show a new Carolina.”

Women’s singles gold medallist Carolina Marin focused on polishing her game for Tokyo 2020.

“Everyone wants to win but I want to enjoy one match at a time. I’m ready to compete.”

Shesar Hiren Rhustavito eyes a successful outing at Spain Masters 2021.

“It’s sad the world has come to a standstill but before sportspersons, we are human beings and life comes first.”

Pusarla V. Sindhu hopes to see the pandemic end soon so normal life could resume for athletes.

“I found friends who really understand me. I have no idea where I’d be if I didn’t have them.”

Debora Jille tells Badminton Europe on how she overcame a bout of depression.

“A stunning display that will be remembered by Malaysians and badminton fans around the world.”

Goh Liu Ying on what she wants to accomplish at the Olympics in Japan.

“I saw rackets, shuttles, net, hall from a young age and thought badminton was the best sport in the world.”

Zuzana Rajdugova, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Slovakia, on how she fell in love with the sport. Story here.

“In mixed doubles I stand a better chance of playing for medals so that’s probably what it will be.”

Selena Piek says she will prioritise only one event post-Tokyo 2020.

“Every pair at the Olympics will be optimistic. But Ahsan/Setiawan will have more belief because of their experience.”

Two-time Olympic champion Fu Haifeng backs the Daddies to reign supreme in Tokyo.


“I have to train a lot more to get better. I’d like to be the best player I can be.”

Lukas Kyncl after making his international debut in Cartagena.

“I speak some Italian, Luca speaks English, so we make it work.”

Italy’s Yuri Ferrigno and Switzerland’s Luca Olgiati on how they move on court as a pair in the Wheelchair (WH1-WH2) event.

“I was going through rehabilitation with my injuries almost every day when the news came but my coach said ‘Don’t give up. It’s one more year. You can do it’.”

Mamiko Toyoda admits the postponement of the Paralympic Games came as a relief to her.

“I’m going to celebrate big when I get back to Nigeria. I have made Africans proud.”

Mariam Eniola Bolaji after becoming the first player from Africa to win a Para badminton title outside the continent. Story here.