The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?

“We got famous at a young age. We lost our discipline, got too big headed and our performances suffered. When we became world No.1, there was no one above us. So, we stopped listening to our coach.”

Tan Boon Heong admits he and partner Koo Kien Keat never realised their true potential.

“He was my idol. I watched many videos of him playing and tried to emulate his style. It proved difficult so I developed my own.”

A young Hendra Setiawan modelled his game after Indonesian legend Tony Gunawan’s.

“Your parents want you to study because it’s important. But it’s possible to find a balance.”

Ashwini Ponnappa tells BadminTalk academics and sports can co-exist in an athlete’s life.

“My mum is a good example for me and many players in Europe. She still keeps in good fitness and every day she is working with the racket on court.”

Misha Zilberman continues to be inspired by his 60-something mother Svetlana.

Misha and Svetlana Zilberman playing at Chinese Taipei Open 2018.

“We have chosen to resume the Olympic and Paralympic qualification process only in 2021 to ensure that travel restrictions and other related impacts of COVID-19 are limited.”

BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund stresses safety of the badminton community remains a top priority for the federation. Read about the updated Olympic and Paralympic qualifying regulations.

“You can’t complain as this is probably the best they can offer. All we can do is prepare our players well so that we can get a good result from it.”

Hong Kong Sports Institute head coach Tim He Yiming tells South China Morning Post BWF’s revamped tournament calendar offers the nation’s shuttlers another crack at Olympic qualification.

“It’s not normal to not speak to someone for three-four months, it’s going to impact you, so pick up the phone and call a friend.”

Marcus Ellis says opening lines of communication helps reduce the risk of mental health issues when under lockdown. Read how Ellis and mixed doubles partner Lauren Smith have been keeping fit at home here.

“No matter how tough life gets, you got to keep moving forward. Just like my mum, who has not stopped caring for us even after our dad’s passing.”

Lai Pei Jing tells New Straits Times she has not given up on making Tokyo 2020 with mixed doubles partner Tan Kian Meng.