Celebration Plans Pick Up Pace

Celebration Plans Pick Up Pace

Among the 116 (and counting) activities planned worldwide to celebrate the inaugural World Badminton Day are some innovative events. The World Badminton Day, which marks the founding of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) 88 years ago, will be celebrated in exactly a month, on 5 July 2022.

There is, for instance, a “Blackminton” night at a club in France, with some 70 players kitted in fluorescent shirts playing under UV lights with a glowing shuttlecock.

In Cardiff, Badminton Wales will run seven pop-up AirBadminton sessions during Welsh cricket matches. These matches bring the entire city together, and Badminton Wales plans to use this opportunity to run AirBadminton sessions in the grounds.

Then there is an event in Dakar, Senegal, at which sports journalists will be felicitated and initiated into badminton, with each journalist given a racket.

All these activities across the globe are expected to draw in thousands of participants, taking part in competitions, exhibitions, free lessons, and “come and try” events.

A Shuttle Time session in progress.

Highlights of Planned Events

♦ Ukraine Badminton Federation will have a badminton exhibition and possible playing session for 200 participants.

♦ AirBadminton sessions are planned in Cairo (Egypt), Cardiff (Wales), Papua New Guinea, Baku (Azerbaijan), Brežice (Slovenia), Tavyside (UK), Jakarta and other cities.

♦ Adelaide will see the launch of new government-funded programmes in clubs for children aged between 5 and 12; around 5000 children are expected to participate in the “Shuttle Smash Launch”.

♦ Caracas in Venezuela will have a badminton festival for 15 people with disabilities.

♦ In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, an “Aboriginal Complimentary Badminton Class” for developing sport and physical activity among the aboriginal community is being initiated. 60 participants have registered for a coaching session.

♦ The Slovak Badminton Federation is conducting an AirBadminton mixed tournament by the beach, aiming to attract tourists and young people.

♦ Badminton Nederland is banking on social media, encouraging clubs and members to post pictures and videos of badminton on their profiles with the hashtag #wijzijnbadminton.

♦ Badminton Association of Deigo-Suarez (Madagascar), which was created in April 2022, will have a celebration in public schools with 30 young people.

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