The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes
Gabriela Stoeva (left) and Stefani Stoeva of Bulgaria.

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?

“With this win, we became strong, stable and secure in the knowledge that we could change our game when needed. We became more experienced.”

The Stoeva sisters tell Badminton Europe that winning the Scottish Open 2018 was a turning point in their careers.

“I started learning golf after retiring. I hope to get better and compete at amateur tournaments.”

Lin Dan on what he is up to these days.

“My mum was once Klaus’ hairdresser and my family has always been close with him for years.”

Clara Graversen on how famous Danish YouTuber Chili Klaus became her sponsor. Story here.

“Jonathan and I, we’re both chasing the same objective. We want to be the top player.”

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting believes his rivalry with close mate Jonatan Christie will propel them to greater heights.

“It’s a famous book that everyone knows, and I’m really happy that my name will appear there.”

Kento Momota after being recognised by the Guinness World Records for winning most badminton men’s singles titles in a season.

“Sometimes when I’m translated, some of the key meanings of my message to fans were not fully interpreted.”

Tai Tzu Ying reveals why she decided to start English lessons. Story here.

“Hendra Setiawan, one hundred per cent. He’s my idol so that was an easy choice!”

Adam Hall tells Badminton Europe who his dream men’s doubles partner would be.

“I should have completed my degree this year but because of the pandemic, I now have to start from scratch.”

Shevon Jemie Lai anticipates a busy calendar next year.