Humans of Shuttle Time: Dorji

Humans of Shuttle Time: Dorji
Dorji, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Bhutan.

This is the second story in our Humans of Shuttle Time series, in which we present the perspectives of those who work on badminton development at the grassroots level. Dorji, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Bhutan, recounts his badminton journey:

Childhood Days

I have a humble family background. My childhood was a testing period. After the demise of my father I grew up with my grandmother who sent me to school and raised me. My childhood passed swiftly, mainly studying and playing various sports such as football, badminton and volleyball. Badminton back then was not a popular sport and we only played for fun, without any coaching lessons. It took me some time to realise my love and passion for badminton. Soon, badminton was the only sport I enjoyed.

After completing my higher secondary education, I explored job opportunities and that is when I chose to become a badminton coach, to earn a living out of a job that excited me.

First Sight

The first time I saw badminton was in 1987 in Mongar district. I was in primary school and I saw Indian teachers playing during their leisure hours. I thought it was an interesting sport and I asked them what it was called.

Ever since I was introduced to badminton, I wanted to know more about it and I learned to play under the guidance of my Indian teacher. It soon became my favourite sport. I am now the national coach of Bhutan.

Memorable Events

Over the last two decades as a coach, I not only met people from all walks of life but also got an opportunity to travel to a few countries. My most memorable event in badminton was introducing and imparting badminton skills to special children.

Badminton and Me

Badminton is my passion, my life and my living. It is a safe and affordable sport.

With the inception of the Bhutan Badminton Federation, badminton has spread all over the country and today it is accessible to all. With the support of the Badminton World Federation and Badminton Asia, I was able to take badminton to all mainstream schools and even to monastic institutions.

Shuttle Time

According to a sport survey carried out in Bhutan, badminton is listed in the top five popular sports in the country. Shuttle Time played a major role. Shuttle Time for teachers has been our legs and arms in imparting badminton to students.

Biggest Lessons

To organise activity for kids in fun ways so that they are motivated; to prepare lessons and plan ahead.

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