Humans of Shuttle Time: Genevieve Cutter

Humans of Shuttle Time: Genevieve Cutter
Genevieve Cutter, Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Wales,

In our new series Humans of Shuttle Time, we present the perspectives of those who work on badminton development at the grassroots level. Genevieve Cutter, the Shuttle Time National Coordinator of Wales, recounts her long and intimate association with badminton:

Growing-Up Years

I grew up in a sporting household and both my parents were involved in running local badminton leagues. My parents used to play at a club and they took my sister and me along to play with other children. The first time I saw badminton, I remember thinking it was fun!

Badminton and I

My relationship with badminton has changed through the years – from my time as a junior with my sister, to playing league badminton, to being a parent of two young players, to being a coach and working with Badminton Wales.

Striking Memory

There was an international match close to where I lived in Farnborough when I was young. I had the opportunity to be bag carrier for international stars like Gillian Gilks and Ray Stevens!

Badminton has been a sport that my family and I have enjoyed for years. It has been something that we can all love and experience together, and it’s a wonderful community sport.

It is a sport that players of all ages and sexes can play together on the same court at the same time. Anybody can play badminton – all you need is a racket and can-do attitude!

Importance of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time is phenomenal as it offers a series of lesson plans that are useful to everybody and removes the need for specialist coaches. Unlike a one-time coaching course, you have Shuttle Time resources at hand whenever you need them and you can adapt them to the group you are working with.

Shuttle Time has offered children in our region an experience of badminton that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. We’ve been able to boost our participation numbers because of it, and it’s fantastic to see youngsters joining in and enjoying themselves.

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