Yuhan TAN

Yuhan TAN

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World Tour Ranking
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Career Wins 228 MS
Age 34 21/04/1987
Plays Left Handed


Place of Birth: Bilzen, Belgium

Height: 182.00cm

Current Residence: Bilzen, Belgium

Language(s): Dutch, English, Indonesian, French

International Debut: 2002, Dutch Open

Professional Since: At the age of 10, I competed in the National U11 Championships.

National Team Member: 2005

Q & A

Any previous Olympics Games competed in and results?

When and where you began playing, and why this sport?
"Began playing at the age of 7 in the garden with my father. My father is Indonesian and he was playing at the local club in Belgium."

Your equipment sponsor and current racket model?

Memorable sporting achievements?
"Winning my first ever trophy at the age of 9. Still have that trophy. Even though it has fallen apart many times I have always managed to glue it back together. The team events with the Belgian team are always very memorable, because it's always a lot of fun to go with the Belgian team."

Sporting ambitions?
"To play at the London 2012 Olympic Games"

Performance Data


ALL 405 228 177 +51 15,370
2021 0 0 0 0 0