World Badminton Day: Registrations Indicate Diversity of Groups and Activities

World Badminton Day: Registrations Indicate Diversity of Groups and Activities

Over 40 events worldwide have been planned so far for the inaugural World Badminton Day celebrations on 5 July 2022.

World Badminton Day is an initiative by BWF to bring people and communities together to experience fun and inclusive badminton through a variety of engaging and innovative badminton events. The day marks the founding of the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) on 5 July 1934. Organising and participating in a World Badminton Day event is open to all – whether they be National Badminton Federations, clubs, schools or general badminton fans – and can be on any scale.

The events registered so far involve diverse interest groups, including people with disabilities, the elderly, women and children, assembling in a variety of spaces such as schools, stadiums, beaches, streets and parks.

Among the more ambitious ones are the “come and try” event in Kuala Lumpur and a competition in Singapore, each expected to involve 10,000 participants or more, and Badminton Australia’s “Shuttle Smash Launch”, involving the launch of new government-funded programmes in clubs for children aged between five and 12, with expected participation of 5,000 children.

Cities ranging from Caracas (Venezuela), General Villamil Playas (Ecuador), Maiduguri (Nigeria), Beira (Mozambique) and Gadag (India) are playing host to the celebrations, indicating the vast spread of interest in badminton. A free badminton lesson for vulnerable groups is slated to be held in Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia), aiming to enhance their self-esteem and involve them in national sport activity.

Significantly, a number of these events involve Para badminton. A few AirBadminton events have been planned as well, including girls-only celebrations in Jakarta and Devon.

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