BWF’s Social Numbers Maintain Upward Trajectory

BWF’s Social Numbers Maintain Upward Trajectory

BWF is delighted to share the results of the International Sports Federations Social Media Rankings 2021 published last month by Burson Cohn & Wolfe Sports (BCW).

The rankings capture the social media footprint of International Federations (IFs) – both Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

BWF is once again near the top in most categories, displaying tremendous growth rates in 2021.

A big thank you to the players and fans for helping to make badminton one of the most popular sports in the world.


  • 6th Most Followed Olympic IF, moving up one place from 2020.
  • 3rd best growth rate among top 10 Olympic IFs at 65% (total of 5,133,983 followers across all 6 platforms, of which we only have 4).


  • 8th Most Followed IG account (Olympic and non-Olympic sports); 2nd fastest growth rate of 142%, just behind World Athletics with 147%.
  • 2nd Most Posts.
  • 6th Most Video Views with 172,890,912, at an average of 119,400 per video.
  • 2nd Most Interaction with 102,091,981, averaging 354,486 per post. Up 7 places from 2020, only behind ICC.


  • 9th Most Followed FB page with 1,588,531 fans, and 90% growth rate.
  • 2nd Most Posts.


  • 64% growth in followers in 2021, No.1 among top 10 IFs.
  • 7th Most Followed TW account, at 403,522.


  • 3rd Most Subscribers on YouTube at just over 2 million; 3rd best growth rate.

Download full rankings here.