Voting Registration Begins for Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission Elections

Voting Registration Begins for Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission Elections

BWF has received 11 nominations for six vacant positions on the Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission 2022-2025.

Elections for the six positions will be held online on 11 March 2022. The nominations – five female and six male candidates — were received by the deadline of 21 January 2022.

Any Para badminton player who wishes to vote in the elections must register online first. Only those who are aged 18 or above (as on 11 March 2021) can vote. Voters should also be in ‘good standing’ with their respective Member Associations; be an ‘active player’ (in the Para badminton World Ranking as on 20 December 2021); and be registered to vote by the deadline (48 hours before the elections).

Click here to register.

The registration form is in eight languages – English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

The elections will open for the registered voters at 17:00 KL time and close at 22:00 KL time on Friday 11 March 2022.

The Para Badminton Athletes’ Commission has a four-year term, from 2022 up to 2025. The new Commission will elect the Chair and Deputy Chair; the Chair of the Commission then becomes a BWF Council member for four years.

The 10 candidates are:

Raul Eduardo Anguiano Araujo (Guatemala)

Amy Burnett (USA)

Daniel Chan Ho Yuen (Hong Kong China)

Ahmed Magdy Armin Eldakrory (Egypt)

Manasi Joshi (India)

Palak Kohli (India)

To Man-Kei (Belgium)

Richard Perot (France)

Cathrine Rosengren (Denmark)

Manoj Sarkar (India)

Duke Trench Thiedeman (Australia)