Official Equipment Partners 2022-2025 Named

Official Equipment Partners 2022-2025 Named

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is excited to announce the conclusion of its periodic tender process to award its Official Equipment Partners for BWF Major Championships 2022-2025.

BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund said: “We are extremely excited to partner with two established equipment suppliers for our Major Championships for the next four years. We look forward to forging strong partnerships with both well-known global manufacturers to help us showcase world-class badminton tournaments across the world.”

VICTOR has been awarded the rights for the BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022 (Thailand) and 2024 (China), as well as the BWF Sudirman Cup 2023 (India) and 2025 (China).

Yonex will continue as equipment supplier of the BWF World Championships in 2022 (Japan), 2023 (Denmark) and 2025 (France).

Chairman of VICTOR, Jeff Chen, said: “VICTOR is honored to be the official equipment partner of the BWF Men’s and Women’s Team World Championships and BWF Mixed Team World Championships for 2022-2025.

“The BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals and BWF Sudirman Cup are unique events where players fight for the team together. VICTOR is really excited and much looking forward to working with BWF and the players to provide the best team events to the fans around the world.”

Director of International Sales, Hiroaki Ebihara, said: “As Yonex, we strive to provide the best equipment and environment for world-class athletes to perform at the highest level possible.

“We are excited to continue supporting one of the most famed competitions, the BWF World Championships, through 2025 as the official supplier of shuttlecocks, court mats, net poles, and our world-class stringing service of the Yonex Stringing Team.”

The RFP tender process was conducted and negotiated by BWF’s long-term commercial partner, Infront Sports and Media.