Happy Gilmour Eager to Give Back to Badminton

Happy Gilmour Eager to Give Back to Badminton

Although not ready yet to retire, Olympian Kirsty Gilmour has started a social enterprise venture “to give something back to badminton”.

Badminton Academy Social Enterprise (BASE) in her native Scotland, to be a set up with two partners including her uncle David, will be open to anyone interested in the sport.

“It’s going to be a place completely inclusive for everyone from all walks of life, to all budget requirements and hopefully really accessible for anyone who wants to be part of badminton,” she told Daily Record.

“For me to leave the sport with something really positive would be great. I don’t see why you have to wait until after you’re in the sport to give back.

“This can hopefully be a nice, positive impact I can have on the sport.”

The lengthy COVID-19 global pandemic convinced Gilmour to press ahead with BASE and bring people together.

“The pandemic has proved more than ever physical activity is a great way to upkeep and improve mental health,” she said.

“If we can use all those positive messages that have been banded around and for it to feed into our positive message of getting people involved in badminton, then that’s great.

“We’re still looking for a solid facility. Everyone’s welcome – kids, seniors, mums, dads.”

The 27-year-old 2014 Commonwealth Games silver medallist, who skipped the Asian Leg in Bangkok in January due to injury, is set to return at next week’s Swiss Open in Basel.