Grants Programme Rolls Out

Grants Programme Rolls Out
A Shuttle Time session in

Under the BWF Membership Grants Programme activated in 2020, over 100 BWF Member Associations (MAs) received their first sums of money last November.

Due to COVID-19, the funds were aimed at stimulating a return of badminton activities, with ‘Back to Badminton’ the underlying theme.

These are some of the highlights of the national activities delivered in November and December.

Africa – Senegal

CNPB Senegal delivered its first BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers courses in November and December to promote and develop the sport. A three-day Tutors Course and a two-day Teachers Course targeting PE teachers, attracted 34 participants from different regions of the country. At the end of the courses, 14 participants were certified BWF Shuttle Time Tutors and Teachers.

Antoine Jean Joseph Diandy, CNPB Senegal president:

“By launching the Shuttle Time courses for tutors and teachers, BWF and the Badminton Confederation of Africa gave us the opportunity to popularise this sport throughout Senegal.”

Asia – UAE

In a historic agreement, Dubai’s oldest and popular sports club Al Nasr launched its women’s badminton team in December, marking the first time a national club adopting badminton as a priority sport. Twenty-six women joined the programme, which will see them trained by certified coaches for national and international tournaments. Plans are underway to establish national club programmes to start the National Women’s League in the first half of 2021.

Ghazi Al Madani, UAE Badminton Committee chairman:

“With badminton entering the national club system, we are confident girls now have a complete pathway to excellence.”

Europe – Kosovo

In November, Badminton Federation of Kosovo organised a camp to promote AirBadminton to club players. A separate event to promote badminton was also held at Don Bosko College which drew 70 participants, including from seven elementary schools in the Municipality of Gjilan.

Lulzim Haziri, Kosovo Badminton Federation president:

“Because of our young population, the sport is getting popular.”

Oceania – Fiji

The Fiji Nationals and Junior Nationals were held over four days in November, bringing together a whopping 118 players across 21 events.

Barry Whiteside, Fiji Badminton Association president:

“After the COVID-19-enforced down time, the players just couldn’t wait to get into competition again!”

PanAm – Suriname

Suriname Badminton Association organised an AirBadminton launch event in December to encourage public to experience the new outdoor game. This includes a Mini Team competition on two beach sand courts and a tryout session on three grass courts. The event saw the participation of more than 60 people.

The deadline for MAs to submit end of project reporting is Wednesday 31 March.