Hall and Dunn on Highland Cows, Ice Hockey and Liverpool

Hall and Dunn on Highland Cows, Ice Hockey and Liverpool

Dynamic duo Adam Hall and Alexander Dunn have been electric this year and enjoyed a dream run at their first Super 750 event last month, the DANISA Denmark Open 2020.

Matched in 2017 by coach Ingo Kindervater, the European Junior bronze medallists have built up a solid friendship. Already in their third year as a pair, they tell BWF about how the duet is shaping up and their rather fascinating interests off the court – including a love of English Premier League champions Liverpool FC and highland cows. That’s right. Highland cows.

Who has the bigger smile? The highland cow is Dunn’s favourite animal.

Birds of a Feather

“Our styles go together quite well. Alex is powerful and quick at the back of the court,” said Hall.

“He’s definitely the creative one,” quipped Dunn.

“Front court is my area. So it’s a good blend of our skills. We balance each other out when one is good at something, and the other bad at it,” added Hall.

Dunn Deal 

Dunn revealed the lockdown earlier this year exposed his creative side.

“I’ve been making tables over lockdown. I’m not sure if lockdown pushed me to the point of boredom, that I got to doing this,” he laughed.

“I also customise shoes. I’m quite creative and have a few hobbies. I’m kind of arty, I like hands-on stuff. I like to draw, I like calligraphy.  My love for drawing came in school. I was always interested in graphics and was fascinated by drawing. If I wasn’t a badminton player, I’d have gone into the architecture field.”

Dunn made a table during the lockdown.Dunn is also a keen snooker fan and is the owner of six highland cow teddies.

“They are my favourite animals – please write that down,” quipped Dunn. Hall divulged he bought at least half of Dunn’s teddy collection, much to his partner’s amusement.

Dunn made a table during the lockdown.

Hall Will Never Walk Alone

Outside badminton, Hall is a huge Liverpool FC fan.

“I watch a lot of sports. I’m a big Liverpool supporter and of ice hockey too. I’ve got a few fantasy leagues in the NHL. Ice hockey is my first love and the first sport I played when I was young,” Hall said.

Ice hockey is Hall’s first love.

Going to ice hockey practice as young as three, Hall found a love of the fast sport and supports the mighty Glasgow Clan back home in Scotland.

A recent owner of a black Labrador puppy called Luna, and along with a niece and nephew, this seems to fill Hall’s time off court.

“Luna keeps me entertained. She was hard work the first few days and was apparently an ‘angel’ when I was away at Denmark Open and the SaarLorLux Open 2020,” giggled Hall.