The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?

“It’s also about pushing yourself and never giving up, this is what I was doing so much in badminton. Whenever I had any difficulty, I always drove forward to the end to see what I was capable of.”

Pi Hongyan to Badminton Europe on how elements from her professional career helped her during her studies.

“I don’t want to meet Sachin Tendulkar before winning a Paralympic medal.”

India’s Pramod Bhagat, a big fan of the cricket star, has set himself a target to chase.

“It’s good that BWF is trying to bring the badminton events back, but it’s important for everyone to be able to compete, not just a few countries.”

The Stoeva sisters share their views to Badminton Europe on return to competition.

“The favourite part of my role is passing on my knowledge to them all and giving them the tools to achieve their dreams and goals.”

England coach Anthony Clark on what he finds most rewarding about his job.

“Take care guys, I’ll be back soon on court again.”

Viktor Axelsen after undergoing an ankle surgery last week.

“No late nights, no TV, no movies. Sport teaches you sacrifice, discipline, dedication and determination.”

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone on her life as an aspiring badminton player.