Shuttle Time at Home | Challenge 5: Calf Catching

Shuttle Time at Home | Challenge 5: Calf Catching
Badminton is a great activity to play with your kids at home.

Great news, BWF Shuttle Time is coming to your living room.

Get your children involved in badminton by trying these simple skills at home.

Here’s the fifth challenge.

This helps you develop your speed and agility, as well as lunging technique for badminton.

Week 4 Challenge: Balance The Racket

This helps develop the speed and agility of the player.

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Week 3 Challenge: Balance & Throw

This is a dynamic balance test. Try to focus on throwing and receiving the shuttlecock while maintaining the body balance.

Week 2 Challenge: Backhand Low Serve

This is one of the basic skills of badminton. The key things to remembers is to have your racket point down, strike the shuttlecock from the hand and use a thumb grip.

The aim is to take you time and focus on your technique and hitting the target rather than rushing to score.

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Week 1 Challenge: Balloon Tap

The aim is to find the right feeling for controlling the balloon instead of just trying to hit it hard, which is a good starting point for hitting the shuttlecock accurately with a racket.

If you can do this exercise well, you could try this game using racket.

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