Classy Marin Offers Olympic Medal to Healthcare Workers

Classy Marin Offers Olympic Medal to Healthcare Workers

The hardwork of frontline medical workers in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is not lost on reigning Olympic champion Carolina Marin.

In a show of support and an act of noble gesture, the women’s singles ace offered all her medals, including the Rio 2016 gold and three World Championships titles, over a recent video call to healthcare workers in her native Spain, one of the worst-hit nations by the outbreak.

Despite her busy schedule, Marin took time out to interact with the frontliners at Sanitas Cima hospital in Barcelona and Virgen del Mar hospital in Madrid, saluting them with a “next to you, I’m nothing” message.

“I offered all my medals to them as they are the real heroes. They deserve every applause and accolade,” the 26-year-old told the Indian Express.

“I just wanted to thank them. They did an incredible job and I’d like to thank the frontline fighters who risk their lives every day and continue to serve people like us.

“This pandemic is unprecedented, yet we have so many inspirational stories that only make me want to give back. Taking to the court and playing to win will be a way to pay gratitude to these warriors.”

Marin, who spent the lockdown in her hometown of Huelva with her mother Toni Martin, is now back training and looking forward to playing at tournaments soon, above all the BWF World Championships next year.

“I’ll be playing in front of my home crowd on such a big platform for the very first time. I’ll try giving the citizens of Huelva a spectacle when they come to support me.”