Shuttle World 29 is Online

Shuttle World 29 is Online
Shuttle World 29 is now available.

The 29th edition of BWF newsletter Shuttle World is now available for download.

We recap the last few months and the impact COVID-19 has had on the sport. We also hear from our athletes and gain an insight into what they have been doing in lockdown.

BWF’s Development department has been working on some key projects include one research study that indicates that the Shuttle Time Schools Programme is better for the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in children than regular PE classes.

Social media has been a big focus including the completion of Batch 1 of our Star Creation Programme. We take a look at the results. Plus we introduce our new ‘i am badminton’ ambassadors.

Edition 29 – April 2020

  • United we stand  – message from the President
  • For the Greater Good – updates on ranking and competitions
  • Life in Lockdown: Training, hobbies, family
  • Shuttle Time trumps regular PE, says study
  • AirShuttle ready to fly
  • ‘New stars’ created
  • BWF rocks steady social
  • BWF Statutes App – to be launched in May
  • New ‘I am badminton’ ambassadors announced

We hope that you enjoy reading this edition.