Genius in Action: Zhao Yunlei & Tian Qing

Genius in Action: Zhao Yunlei & Tian Qing
Zhao Yunlei (left) and Tian Qing were the premier women's doubles pair of their time.

Both Zhao Yunlei and Tian Qing had success with other partners, but as a pair they enjoyed long periods of supremacy during the first half of the 2010s, helping themselves to several major titles. As China’s go-to pair in team events, they nearly always ensured a point in high-pressure contests.

Zhao was a tremendous all-round player, but she was particularly astute at the net, while Tian provided the firepower from the back that saw them hold off the best opponents of their time. That they won two World Championships and the Olympics dropping just one game in those three campaigns is an indication of how far ahead of the competition they were.

Career Highlights

World Championships – Gold (2014, 2015)

Olympic Games – Gold (2012)

Asian Games – Gold (2010)

Other Major Honours

Badminton Asia Championships – Gold (2012)

Winner: Hong Kong Open (2012, 2014, 2015); Australian Open 2014; Indonesia Open 2014; Singapore Open (2011, 2013); Korea Open 2012; All England 2012; Malaysia Open 2011; China Open 2009

Interesting Fact

Both Zhao and Tian married their teammates – Zhao married Hong Wei and Tian Qing married Zhang Nan.

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