Resolutions for 2020, and Beyond…

Resolutions for 2020, and Beyond…
Ratchanok Intanon would like to take her family on a vacation.

What goals do our stars have beyond winning titles? We find out…

Ratchanok Intanon: I would like to take my family on a long holiday. I haven’t spent much time with them since I started playing badminton. Maybe after the Olympics, I will take them on a three-month holiday (laughs).

Anders Antonsen: I want to get better at playing the guitar; might learn a new language…

Anders Antonsen

Viktor Axelsen: I do different things to take my mind of badminton, like speaking to friends and family, studying Chinese, watching TV series and stuff. My Chinese is still going well. At this point, it’s more to keep it steady, but I love to sort of dig into the characters.

Viktor Axelsen

Gabby Adcock: We have a good balance, and we’re fortunate that we’re able to do it together. When we’re away from badminton, our brains are not consumed with badminton and we have other hobbies. We just want to enjoy ourselves, and we want to go out during these events and explore these countries a bit more.

The Adcock couple – Gabrielle (left) and Chris.

Greysia Polii: I’m in my 30s, I just want to take it one match after another. I just want to uncover what’s inside of me apart from badminton. I’m not sure about my music, I play a little bit (drums), I don’t know if I will continue that!

Greysia Polii

Rachel Honderich: I want to complete school, I have one more year left for my kinesiology degree. (Partner) Kirsten’s the biggest animal lover you’ll know and she finished chiropractor school. She’s already finished her undergrad in criminology. Coming back to play has made her realise that being chiro is very useful!

Rachel Honderich (right) and Kristen Tsai.

Michelle Li: I think my goals are more about just trying to change the sport in my country, and my side of the world, try to get the word out there about badminton, do my best in terms of competing, but also inspire the younger generations to not give up and pursue it. When I’m at home, I coach a little bit, or talk at different schools.

Michelle Li

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