Dubai the Last Frontier: Carolina Marin

Dubai the Last Frontier: Carolina Marin

Carolina Marin has won just about all the major titles in Women’s Singles: the World Championships, the Olympic gold, the Yonex All England and the European championships. The Dubai World Superseries Finals crown is perhaps the one big title missing from her collection. Is Dubai the last frontier the Spaniard has to conquer?dubai-world-superseries-finals-logo

“Maybe yes because I haven’t won it yet,” said Marin, who appeared relaxed on the eve of the season-ending event. “But of course, there are many goals during the season and I want to win more titles like All England again, the World Championships, and I also want to prepare over the next four years for the Olympics in Tokyo.”

Excerpts from an interview:

Her impressions of the event

The Dubai World Superseries Finals is an amazing tournament because we are just the eight top players in the world and it is at the top level. And of course, you have to do your best to win this tournament. And it is always very nice to be here in Dubai because the crowd is amazing as well and the organisation is nice.

I’m very happy to be in Dubai for one more year. It is my second year here and I’m looking forward to doing my best and to enjoy the tournament. It is going to be very tough because the top eight best players in the world are here and let’s see what will happen. But of course I will try to do my best.”


On Being the Player to Beat

Of course, it will be difficult because I’m the player everyone wants to defeat. So, for me, it is really difficult because I broke the Asian wall and I’m the only European at the top of the world rankings. And it is like one against 15 or 20 in the world and for me it is really difficult. But it is also amazing that I can be there at the top of the world rankings and it is an amazing feeling for me.

Court conditions

The conditions are good. You have to be careful with the wind and also because it is a big hall and the carolina-marin-sindhuconditions are different. Let’s see what will happen. Of course, you have to come up with a strategy in these conditions.

Badminton in Spain

I think the sport has grown because we have done a really great job and the most important thing is we have
to develop badminton around the world and we are in that process. Many people around the world and in Spain now want to watch badminton. Also, many people want to play badminton and they want to follow me on TV and in every tournament that I play. It is very important that more people know about badminton.

Fledgling Rivalry With Pusarla V Sindhu

I don’t want to talk about Sindhu because I have to play against Yamaguchi and Sun Yu so it is going to be very tough matches and of course against Sindhu it is going to be another top match. And it is really nice to play against her again because we can remind the final at the Olympics. I have a tough group because everyone is really tough but I’m looking forward to playing against them.