Badminton Manager is Back!

Badminton Manager is Back!

The second edition of Badminton Europe’s Badminton Manager game has been launched, with the upcoming Yonex French Open and 41st Yonex Hungarian International included in its opening round.

The game, whose first edition was launched last year, consists of virtually managing a team of real-life players through nine rounds, which will end with the European Championships in April 2017. The manager will have to build a team of two Men’s Singles players, two Women’s Singles players, two Men’s Doubles players, two Women’s Doubles players, two Mixed Doubles players and a bonus player, all with an imaginary budget of € 1,000,000.

The team of players will earn or lose points based on how well they perform at international tournaments in real life.

The performances of the selected players are shown as an increase in their respective value, and thereby the team’s value. The objective of the game is to get the team with the highest possible value.

Transfers/substitutions are possible until the announced time before the next round starts. Thereafter the teams are “locked” until after the round is completed.

A new addition to the game is that the players are divided into different categories depending on value: platinum, gold, silver, bronze. Players with the same level of value will be in the same group, the most expensive ones being valued as ‘platinum’ and less expensive as ‘bronze’.

The game is available free of charge in App Store and Google Play for smartphone or tablets. The closing date for Round 1 is 24 October 2016.