USA Redrawn with Brazil, France and Hong Kong: Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup 2015

USA Redrawn with Brazil, France and Hong Kong: Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup 2015

Singapore, Netherlands, Canada and Spain are now in Group 2A while Hong Kong, USA, France and Brazil are in Group 2B for the Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup 2015, following today’s redraw at BWF’s Office.

A redraw of Group 2 was necessitated due to a discrepancy in the team rankings following confirmation that points from a player ineligible for representation were included in the USA team ranking.

The player is under USA’s jurisdiction (GCR 9) but cannot represent that country as per the requirements of GCR 8 International Representation. On recalculation of their team points, the USA were ranked 16th, therefore in Group 2 and not in Group 1. Russia became the 12th team and part of Group 1 for the World Mixed Team Championships.

It was therefore decided that:

• Russia would be promoted to take USA’s place in Group 1B (with Japan and Chinese Taipei). There is no other change in Group 1.

• Group 2 would be redrawn as there were changes in the seeding order (Russia having previously been ranked 13th while the USA, who replaced them in Group 2, are ranked 16th).

• There is no change to Groups 3 and 4.

BWF Referee Assessor, Chua Soo Hock (above), witnessed and signed off the redraw.

The Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup 2015 takes place May 10-17, 2015, at the Nissan Sports Center in Dongguan, China, with 35 countries competing.


The complete Vivo BWF Sudirman Cup 2015 draw