Happy 80th Birthday, BWF!

Happy 80th Birthday, BWF!

The Badminton World Federation blew out 80 candles yesterday, celebrating another auspicious occasion in its illustrious history.

It was on Thursday 5 July 1934 that a ground-breaking meeting took place heralding the start of an international federation for the sport of badminton. On that day, the International Badminton Federation (now BWF) was founded with the inaugural members being Canada, Denmark, England, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.

Back then, the Badminton Association (of England) invited those national bodies to a meeting in London to establish an international organisation to be responsible for the laws and control of all aspects of the sport worldwide.

The meeting took place at 10.30 am at the Conference Room, Centre Block, Bush House, London and Sir George Thomas (left: BWF home page) was elected as the IBF’s first president. He served as president for 21 years; the longest term of any IBF/BWF president.

“This is a really important milestone for the BWF. I would like to acknowledge and thank all those who contribute to the sport globally on a daily basis, and who have made our sport what it is today,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer (right: BWF home page).

“I wish to thank our 180 members – our national governing bodies for badminton – and the BWF Council for the guidance they give to the BWF and our staff for the effective day-to-day management of the BWF.

“I am incredibly proud of BWF’s achievements over the years, particularly of what has been achieved in the last five years. The period since the 2008 Beijing Olympics has been the most significant period of growth and development in the BWF’s 80 year history. BWF’s position in the international sports world – and indeed its increasing status – is something of which we should all be proud and I am sure our forefathers would be also.

The President noted landmarks such as these are “not only times to reflect on the past but even more importantly on the journey ahead and to recommit ourselves to the work that needs to be done”.

“I am honoured to represent a sport for all and may the BWF and badminton grow from strength to strength.”


To mark the 80th year of its founding, the BWF presents Shuttling Through 80 Years; a timeline and pictorial flashback of the last eight decades and some key moments in badminton history. Click on photo below.

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Happy Birthday to the BWF family!