Saluting Søborg – Trailblazing Badminton Photographer

Saluting Søborg – Trailblazing Badminton Photographer

Legendary badminton photographer Preben B. Søborg passed away in Copenhagen on Monday at age 70.

Søborg was well known and highly appreciated worldwide for his excellent sports photos and his generous personality.

Badminton was his particular passion and his action shots were much admired and won this Dane several prizes. He was the International Badminton Federation’s (IBF)  Official Photographer for several Olympic Games and many remember his iconic photo of Denmark’s Poul-Erik Høyer (now BWF President) celebrating his Atlanta gold medal in Men’s Singles (centre below). Another highlight was Søborg’s award-winning photo of Morten Frost diving cross-court for a drop shot. More recently his photographs became an essential part of the BWF’s 75 Years anniversary book.

He served for many years as photographer and photo editor of the IBF magazine “World Badminton” and he contributed to almost every badminton magazine and many other sports publications during more than 40 years at courtside.

Educated as a graphic designer and well connected in Danish sport as a hammer thrower and athletics official, Søborg chose to follow his zest for photography and established his own company in 1972. Badminton soon became his specialty.

He received the BWF Meritorious Service Award in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to the game.

Preben Søborg will be sadly missed by his countess friends in the badminton world, notably players and officials. The Badminton World Federation salutes his service to the IBF (the predecessor to BWF) and to badminton in general and extends deepest sympathy to his family, colleagues and friends.

His photos will be timeless memories of his love for the sport of badminton.

May he rest in peace.

Preben Søborg (right) and his son Mikkel (left) with friend and fellow badminton photographer, Edwin Leung, at a badminton tournament.