Lund: Redbull China Tournament Great Example of Grassroots Development

Lund: Redbull China Tournament Great Example of Grassroots Development

The Badminton World Federation has lauded Redbull China’s commitment to developing badminton at the grassroots level which is a significant part of BWF’s mandate.

Speaking at a recent Press conference in Beijing, BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund upheld Redbull China’s grassroots badminton tournament – in which 50,000 persons will compete – as the kind of initiative that synchronises with BWF’s developmental goals and “is again a testimony about the shared values between our organisations”.

“One of the key strategic goals for BWF is to further strengthen the development of grassroots badminton. Badminton can bring joy, unity and health to the many millions of badminton players. And at the same time this will allow us to find and help develop coming generations of badminton stars – who knows maybe the next Lin Dan or a young Li Xuerui,” he said, applauding the tournament concept.

“I would not be surprised to see some talented amateurs emerge from this tournament (the Redbull Badminton Tournament), given badminton’s immense popularity in China. May I wish Redbull well in this endeavour.”

Lund also took the opportunity to welcome Redbull China as a new corporate partner of BWF Major Events for the next four years, 2013-2016 inclusive, starting with this year’s Sudirman Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in May.

The partnership extends to the annual BWF World Championships – the next of which takes place in Guangzhou, China, in August – and the biennial Thomas & Uber Cup tournaments.

“This cluster of events is BWF’s signature collection and brings the badminton values to the world fans. For any individual or country to win one of these titles – for instance to become a world champion – is traditionally and undoubtedly a moment of great pride and honour,” said Lund.

“BWF is proud to be able to share these values with a world famous brand like Redbull China and we are sure that this cooperation will be a mutually strong and beneficial relationship.”

PHOTO CAPTION (BWF home page): Redbull China’s Sports Marketing Director Mrs. Joan Zhang presents BWF Secretary General Thomas Lund with a commemorative Redbull China shirt to mark Redbull China’s new partnership with the Badminton World Federation.


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