Badminton is a sport for all – a sport enjoyed by millions of children, youth, adults and seniors and elderly participants globally. It is a sport that combines eye hand coordination, power, strength, speed and decision making skills. It’s a low impact and non contact sport which played by boys and girls, men and women – singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Get involved and try the sport. Share all the health and social benefits of badminton and become part of our global badminton community. Here are a few ideas to think about in getting started in the sport.

Places to start / where to play:

  • Casual recreational play – investigate where your local sports clubs and multi sports venues are and find out where you can hire badminton courts on a casual basis. Get together with your friends from work and try out the sport.
  • Non-competitive clubs – some badminton clubs have more social and non competitive evenings for new-comers to the sport.
  • Club competitions – most badminton clubs have competitions and leagues. These are often based on skill level, experience or age groups.
  • Colleges and Universities – students and members of community colleges can take part in badminton competitions for students.

To find out more about where to play, make contact with your national, provincial or state badminton association.

Here are a few tips which may help you get started playing badminton:

“Giving every child a chance to play for life” BWF’s vision 2020 - 2024

Events in Badminton

  • Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Scoring in Badminton

  • Best of three games to 21 points.
  • Every time there is a serve a point is scored.
  • The side winning a rally serves in the next point.
  • Players must serve diagonally and must strike the shuttle below the waist.
  • If the score reaches 20-20, players must win by two points.

Find out more about the rules of badminton click here.


  • Racket– badminton rackets range in weight, style and price from USD $6.00 – USD$200.
  • Shuttlecock– feather or synthetic shuttles can be used to play badminton.
  • Net– 1.55 metres (5 ft. 1 inch) high at the edges and 1.524 metres (5 ft.) high in the centre.
  • Shoes– comfortable sports shoes, which provide good support and cushioning for indoor play.
  • Clothing– comfortable sports clothing.

Find out more about our Shuttle Time programme click here. Or watch the video below.