The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?


“My journey hasn’t been easy. I still remember how my family and I faced difficulties at the hospital after being diagnosed with bone tuberculosis a year ago. I experienced difficulties during training and did recovery sessions to strengthen my body. Everything is worth it now.”

Toh Ee Wei explaining her tears after she and Chen Tang Jie won the mixed doubles final.

“To have the crowd behind me, they give me so much power to keep going for every point.”

Carolina Marin following her semifinal win over Line Højmark Kjaersfeldt.

“We are becoming more of a team. We learned a lot about each other here.”

Muhammad Shohibul Fikri on him and Bagas Maulana making their first final since winning the All England last year.

“China have some experienced men’s pairs but we are not too bad ourselves.”

Men’s doubles winner Chen Bo Yang sees a bright future for him and Liu Yi.

“I don’t know if I did anything different. I just prepared like I always do.”

Magnus Johannesen on how he readied himself for his maiden HSBC BWF World Tour final.

“We want to accumulate experience from playing these tournaments. We are still young.”

Liu Sheng Shu, 19, after she and 20-year-old Tan Ning finished women’s doubles runners-up a week after acing Madrid Spain Masters.

“I couldn’t move my legs in the third game. My coach said ‘just keep the shuttle in the court!’”

Priyanshu Rajawat reveals the message that got him through a tough decider against Johannesen.

“Our focus for the European leg was to win all the Super 300s.Unfortunately we couldn’t in Spain.”

Women’s doubles champion Rena Miyaura, who also took Swiss Open with Ayako Sakuramoto, disappointed they didn’t win the Spain Masters.


“Ever since I knew the Paralympics were a thing for badminton, I’ve had my eyes set on the 2024 Games.”

American SH6 star Jayci Simon on what drives her.

“With my brother, I take things much more to heart. The intensity and emotion are completely different. We get along better, but we may not get along too. If we disagree, as we are brothers, it can blow up sometimes.”

Toma Junior Popov admits playing with younger sibling Christo makes everything more intense.

“When I told my schoolmates where I was going, they told me how proud they were of me.”

Spanish Para shuttler Selenia Pla Mompo enjoying the perks of the BWF Female Participation Grant. Read more.

“My mindset coming into matches now is to savour each moment I am still on the court.”

Tai Tzu Ying confirms she will play for another year.

“The encounters I’ve been able to make throughout these 18 years, that’s what I remember. The different cultures, teachings in all the countries, this sharing. There is also joy, sadness and emotions that are very, very strong. There is nothing stronger than emotions.”

Brice Leverdez reminiscing ahead of playing his last tournament in Orleans.

“This year has been a lot of ups and downs, and I need to start focusing on keeping the Asian Games and Paralympic qualifiers in mind. It’s an important year and every tournament is important.”

Pramod Bhagat preparing for Brazil Para Badminton International 2023.

“Badminton has taught me resilience, discipline, hard work, mental toughness, determination, humility, persistence and most importantly an unwavering level of self-belief. I would not be me, without badminton.”

Jessica Pugh’s farewell message on Instagram.