The Week in Quotes

The Week in Quotes

Who said what in and around the badminton world over the past week?

“We had to come together as friends, before we could come together as athletes and ultimately partners.”

Gronya Somerville believes her off-court bond with Setyana Mapasa is helping Australia’s women’s doubles pair to produce the goods on the court.

“After winning the All England title, I knew what it took to triumph at the international level.”

India coach Pullela Gopichand looks back at his 2001 success in Birmingham as his career’s turning point.

“I’ve been thinking about how to improve myself, my character and thoughts. There’s more time to pray and feel closer to God.”

Greysia Polii has been on a journey of self-reflection while under lockdown. Story here.

“He is improving and is a strong opponent. I definitely see him as a top rival.”

Viktor Axelsen earmarks Lee Zii Jia as a player to be wary of in the coming years.

“I needed to change his style to suit a singles game because Cheah was a doubles specialist.”

Rashid Sidek on how he whipped Cheah Liek Hou into shape. Story here.

“When I see somebody training, and I’m not playing badminton on court, I feel upset.”

Aram Mahmoud admits the COVID-19 lockdown is making him miss the action. Story here.

“Our goal is the gold medal.”

With Chen Yu Fei’s arrival, China coach Luo Yigang is serious about winning the women’s singles title at next year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics.