Event Hosts Discuss Evolving Circuit

Event Hosts Discuss Evolving Circuit

The present and future of badminton were the focus of discussion on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur, during a meeting of host organisers of MetLife BWF World Superseries and BWF Grand Prix Gold events.

With BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer, Secretary General Thomas Lund and a few Council members in attendance, presentations on various aspects of the circuit and staging of events were made.

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Television production and coverage were among the topics highlighted. BWF Events Director Darren Parks stressed on the importance of seeing badminton as show business, and that one had to sell an entertainment package rather than purely badminton. It was important for spectators to have a great experience overall, which would help build a following over time.

Rajes Paul (1)The entertainment experience could begin from the opening ceremony onwards, and, with small but significant changes made in staging, the ambience could be elevated to keep the crowd engaged.

Commercial Director Owen Leed outlined the role of media in building a worldwide following for badminton and the support that was necessary for them at events.

Other presentations dealt with integrity in badminton, Shuttle Time – which recently touched 100 implementations, the equipment donation project, court presentation, changes in General Competition Regulations, market research, and strategies for television. The attendees talked of the challenges they faced on many fronts in hosting events and how these could be overcome.

The occasion also provided an opportunity for AIPS Badminton Commission member Rajes Paul to present the award for Best Media Facility 2015 (OUE Singapore Open) to Singapore Badminton Association’s Ronnie Lim.

A recap of 2015 and the tantalising prospects in the circuit for the near future were also discussed.

Stay tuned – badminton has much in store!

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